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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Choose the right brush for your dog or cat. There are so many options in the market, but knowing the right brush for your pet’s coat type is important. Read on to know what to buy on your next visit to the pet store.

Slicker Brush and Metal Comb: A combination of the

brush and a comb can be used on long coated dogs and cats. Run the brush on

each layer of the coat (Line Brushing) and run the metal comb to check for any knots.

Pin Brush: Pin Brushes can be used on medium to long haired dogs. Mainly used to remove loose fur and on coats that are not matted to give a nice finishing look.

Rubber Brush/ Curry Comb : This brush can be used on short haired dogs and cats. Brush in a single

direction all over the body and avoid using it in one area for too long. This can also be used to scrub the body during a bath.

Rake: This is an excellent tool to remove the undercoat on breeds like Husky, GSD and Chow Chow. This is effective in removing the dead fur which is close to the skin without breaking through the top coat.

Flea Comb: These can be used to brush hair on your dog or cat’s face and clean out any dirt near the eyes and mouth. Flea combs are primarily used to remove fleas on your pets and can be used on any type of coat.

Happy Grooming!

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